Be Inclusive

Recognising the value of diversity

Diversity is a key ingredient for maintaining a successful and future-proof business. A diverse workforce is culturally aware, skilled at people management, adaptable and thinks outside the box. Besides the obvious fact that diversity and inclusion create fair opportunities for everyone, it also makes economic sense to protect and promote these values at work.

To outwardly demonstrate our core beliefs, we wish to further develop the Firm’s charitable contributions. Menzies has always prided itself in the work it does to support local charities within its various communities, sponsored through the Menzies Charitable Foundation. We now plan to take this to the next level by organising opportunities for our teams to join in with community charity projects. 

Make a Difference Week 

The Menzies ‘Make a Difference Week’ comprises each of our seven offices undertaking volunteering activities throughout a dedicated week each summer. These activities provide an opportunity for colleagues to collaborate across departments and do something purposeful and worthwhile together for a day. In doing so, we wish to encourage our teams to join forces and give something back to our communities. Furthermore, Menzies allow for separate volunteering days that enable each individual to support a cause dear to them.

Diversity and inclusion are ingrained in Menzies’ very core fibre, and our people are eager to contribute and give back.

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