Be Healthy

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Fostering physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

All too often we take our health for granted – but health can be fragile. We need to become more attentive to our bodies and minds. That way we will be able to take effective action or even prevent mental and physical ill health.

As an employer, it is key for us to have a resilient workforce and to help our staff create healthy habits. With our Employee Assistance Programme, we support our teams’ physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. Not only is this in the interest of business but it is also the right thing to do, because we recognise our responsibility to create a workplace that promotes wellbeing and that ensures our teams feel understood, supported and valued. We firmly believe that only such an environment can last and grow, which is why we are also campaigning externally to encourage our communities to act responsibly.

We have long recognised the benefits of taking a holistic approach to health; one that embraces the many levels on which we operate as humans. Our physical, mental and emotional states are all interconnected and equal drivers of our actions.

At Menzies, we apply Brighter Thinking to our clients, our work and our people.

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