Our R&D approach

Menzies recognise that all clients’ businesses are different and do not fit a generic, one-size fits all approach, Instead, we would work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your company and your work, using our team’s knowledge of your sector and deep knowledge of the tax rules to ensure your claim is optimised.

It is vital that R&D claims in particular detail in depth the scale and complexity of the company’s R&D activities, and its entitlement to R&D relief. Over the last year, the R&D sector has seen a significantly increased level of compliance activity from HMRC due to the growing number of erroneous or spurious claims. It is therefore more important than ever for the company to continue to fully document how it meets the R&D conditions to minimise both the chance of questions, and the impact on you of dealing with any queries from HMRC.

Our approach to tax is always to be proactive and positive, especially when it gives us an opportunity to save our clients tax within the law, and we would work through the costs with you to ensure that your claim is maximised while minimising the risk of enquiry.

Our R&D services

The definition of R & D is much broader than many businesses imagine and we have made claims for clients in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, technology, logistics and property & construction.

Our specialist tax team works with our clients to understand their businesses and to identify beneficial tax planning opportunities including:

  • Considering the potential reliefs available, including R&D incentives, Patent Box and the Creative Sector reliefs.
  • Identifying qualifying activities and expenditure.
  • Navigating companies through the claims process.
  • Building staff’s knowledge of the regime, to improve project recognition and recording.
  • Developing systems to improve identification and recording of qualifying expenditure.
  • Supporting companies in dealing with enquiries from HMRC.

R&D Tax relief

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