Our service approach

We are the HR team for employers who don’t need or want to build their own. Covering every aspect of HR practice, you can select the elements you need, how often you need them, and leave the rest to us.

From long term strategy to everyday admin, our clients rely on us to:

  • Support their leadership team with effective people management.
  • Help create positive, inclusive environments that underpin high performance and loyalty.
  • Manage HR admin and make the best use of technology in all aspects of people management.
  • Recruit, reward, develop and incentivise the talent they need to deliver their strategy.
  • Manage employment risks through a pragmatic approach to compliance.

Not only that, but as part of Menzies’ Employer Solutions group, we collaborate daily with our colleagues in Payroll, Employment Tax Solutions, Pensions, Benefits and Share Schemes to ensure you get the most comprehensive support around.Your named advisor will get to know you and your business and feel like one of your team.

Our services

  • Comply with employment law. We can audit your approach, get your contracts and policies up to date and provide e-learning on critical compliance issues.
  • Use HR technology and remove admin headaches. We can install and support your use of HR tech that will save you time, secure sensitive data and put people management at your fingertips.
  • Manage HR challenges. We give hands on, pragmatic support on anything from calculating holidays to managing site closures.
  • Prepare your management team for the future. We help deliver your strategy by aligning your management team and their priorities to it.
  • Attract, retain, reward and develop your people. We help you identify and implement the strategies to create a thriving workforce.

Our HR Support Package

If you employ people but don’t have in-house HR expertise, dealing with employment issues can be challenging and time-consuming.

We help companies and charities to streamline their HR admin, manage difficult situations, look after their staff, and stay up to date with changing legal requirements.

You get a dedicated team and great value fixed prices with no multi-year contracts that tie you in.

All with the backing of Menzies LLP, a leading firm of business advisors, accountants and tax specialists.

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