Blog Guides // 26/09/2018

Doing business in the US – Panel discussion summary

Making the decision to expand your business into new territories, like the US, can be a daunting prospect and the key to success is preparation and planning. But knowing where to start and how to access the information your business may need to cover all eventualities can be a challenge. We brought together a Brighter […]

Blog Guides // 24/09/2018

Manufacturing funding new product development or capital investment

With the increasing pace of technological change and the challenges posed by Brexit it has never been more important for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors to enable their business to thrive. This may be achieved by developing new products, investing in technology to drive efficiency, investing in customer relationships or exploring new markets. The […]

Guides // 26/01/2018

A guide to doing property business in the UK

Understanding the UK Property Market Ralph Mitchison – Property & Construction Partner UK property has always been an attractive asset for domestic and international investors alike. This is partly due to the strength and stability of the UK market and political system, but also due to the profitability of UK property. In some parts of […]

Guides // 01/08/2017

Finance Directors’ Tax Toolkit

Menzies are often appointed by the Finance Directors of large companies and groups to work alongside their existing auditors. This may be for a variety of reasons such as: The auditors being ‘conflicted out’ of providing certain services; Delivering a more cost effective and responsive solution for the business; Relieving compliance pressures on the in-house team; […]

Guides // 20/06/2017

Charity Commission’s new trustees welcome pack

The Charity Commission have recently developed a “Welcome Pack” for new charity trustees to explain their responsibilities. This forms part of the Commission’s drive to improve governance in the sector and in particular to ensure that Trustees’ carry out their oversight role effectively. The pack will be emailed to all new charity trustees for whom […]

Guides // 02/05/2017

Business Starter Pack – Giving you a helping hand

Many of us aspire to running our own business – and not always for the same reasons. For many, the appeal lies in the freedom of being their own boss and setting the hours they work. For others, it is in the challenge of making it big and obtaining full financial reward for their efforts. […]