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With the mix of skills across our financial investigations and forensics team, we are highly experienced in conducting the most complex of investigations for clients, usually where suspicions of financial irregularity exist, or allegations of fraud have been made.

It is important that we are brought in at an early stage to help preserve evidence and develop an investigation strategy, before people, or vital documents disappear. In this, we are always aware of the potential advantages of working with lawyers, in maintaining privilege over our work, and accept instructions from lawyers and the client.

We will work on-site in order to provide the swiftest of responses, in circumstances which are highly stressful for you, and where a rapid outcome is of paramount importance, to limit damage and enable you to consider your recovery options.

Intelligence Led approach to Financial Investigations

Traditional investigation methods are labour-intensive and therefore costly. Much of the problem comes from trying to gather disparate background information about subjects, and collate it, so that it can then be analysed.

We have developed a new approach based on bespoke software, which enables us to recover data automatically from across the global web. This means we can focus the investigation on productive lines of inquiry from the outset, which ultimately provides a more timely and comprehensive review of the issues, and therefore better value for money.


How can we help

The key members of our team have significant expertise in leading financial investigations and have worked globally with many agencies, including the FBI, SFO, OLAF (EC), FSA and multiple foreign police forces. Our highly skilled staff conduct discreet investigations using the latest forensic methods. When carrying out intelligence led investigations, we:

  • Gather and preserve evidence in accordance with evidential guidelines.
  • Conduct interviews with staff, third parties and potential suspects.
  • Provide thorough background checks and research on individuals, which show connections, geographical locations and even potential assets.
  • Work with lawyers and other specialists in multi-disciplinary teams as required.
  • Provide global coverage through our HLB International partner firms.

Our investigation work tends to be highly confidential and may not ever get into the public domain. For that reason, it is not possible to provide details of actual cases but some of our recent work has included investigation into:

Financial mismanagement in a newly acquired subsidiary, resulting in personal benefits exceeding £1 million being recovered.

The failure of a budget holiday company, revealing substantial sums being moved offshore by the Director and subsequent civil recovery.

The sudden departure of the financial officer, which showed significant financial mismanagement over many years and allowed the recovery of unpaid debtors.

Numerous investigations of fraud within non-profit organisations, often establishing the financial extent and the identities of those involved.

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