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Tax disputes and disclosures can test the resolve, stress levels and patience of all those who go through one, yet time and time again our clients say that having us in their corner is invaluable. Our extensive experience gained over decades of dealing with HMRC investigations means we can give our clients first class advice when we represent them. It also allows us to understand the emotional impact a tax dispute or disclosure will have on some of our clients, so unsurprisingly our team’s ability to empathise with every individual’s circumstance is a recurring theme in the client feedback we receive.

Managing any tax investigation well requires an advisor with an enviable reputation amongst their peers, one who builds rapport with clients and HMRC alike, who has an excellent grasp of tax law and thinks strategically. Our focus is therefore on establishing positive relationships with clients and HMRC, providing straightforward and clear advice which enables our clients to resolve or settle their case on the best possible terms.

Our services

Our team of experts helps individuals, partnerships, companies and trustees in every kind of UK tax dispute or disclosure matter. We can act on behalf of taxpayers with voluntary disclosures, for example addressing the non-disclosure of let property income, crypto activity, or offshore income or gains, as well as more serious tax investigations under COP8 and COP9 where alleged or actual errors or omissions have arisen due to a taxpayer’s deliberate behaviour.

We help taxpayers resolve disputes with HMRC, whether that’s supporting with a routine HMRC enquiry, unlocking a difficult long-running dispute with Alternative Dispute Resolution if appropriate, or challenging HMRC where there are opportunities to do so. Our team also has extensive experience in supporting taxpayers reach a settlement in cases where historic tax avoidance schemes have been used.

We ensure in all cases that our clients pay no more than the correct amount of tax, whilst trying to bring any disputes or disclosures to a timely close.

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