Blog // 23/03/2017

Five tech trends for 2017

Predicting the trends for the future in such a fast moving sector is a challenge even when just looking a few months or year into the future. Innovation and the adoption of technology is changing the way we live and work. Although it might not be easy, looking to the future and how technology may […]

Events // 22/03/2017

Growing your business value by improving your management team

Menzies is pleased to run this workshop looking at how you can grow your business value by improving your management team. Event Date: 19th April 2017 Event Time: 8:15am – 10:30am Event Location: Menzies LLP Woking Attendees will be guided through how your management capability affects a valuation of your business. This will include how […]

Blog // 22/03/2017

Blockchain: The Story of a Revolution?

What is a Blockchain? Blockchain is a different type of database, one that keeps a record of digital transactions, and all the data on those transactions is decentralised. With a traditional database – one belonging to a bank, for example – the data sits in one location. A blockchain, meanwhile, is built upon a network […]

Blog // 22/03/2017

Fintech: The New World of Financial Technology

We imagine that someone coined the term ‘fintech’ because the rather more ponderous ‘financial technology’ wasn’t setting the world on fire. Though a little late to the party, the world of finance is accelerating its adoption of technology-based solutions to age-old problems. Last June I wrote an overview of fintech. Let’s now explore things in […]

Blog // 21/03/2017

Taking your manufacturing business to the next level

The manufacturing sector has been severely unsettled by the initial Brexit result, and the subsequent uncertainty surrounding this has led to questions on what this means for our clients in industry. Many businesses list uncertainty of demand and exchange rate fluctuations as key factors for holding back on investment decisions. On one hand, this could […]