Blog // 20/09/2016

FRS 102 – Key impacts on retail businesses

The adoption of FRS 102 for small entities is fast approaching – with periods beginning on or after 1 January 2016. This will see a number of key changes for retail businesses that could affect the reporting figures for the comparative, current or future periods. Key impacts on retail businesses FRS 102 and lease accounting

Blog // 15/09/2016

Should you buy a house for your kids to live in at University?

When a child packs their bags and heads off to University, it is always going to be a big day for parents. However, some see this as an opportunity to simultaneously help their child(ren) and do some financial planning by investing in a home for them whilst at University. Potential a long term investment even after […]

Blog // 15/09/2016

Property developers – is Entrepreneur’s Relief still available?

From April 2016 anti-avoidance rules came into effect which could restrict Entrepreneur’s Relief (ER) being available on capital distributions on the winding-up of a company. Therefore, property developers are at risk of being caught out if careful planning is not considered. Why is this important? If applicable, ER would allow the capital gain arising to […]

News // 14/09/2016

Six useful property reliefs you may never have heard of!

There are many allowances and reliefs that can be claimed by companies in respect of capital costs but only if you are aware of them. Some are less well known and can be missed. Six property reliefs 1) Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA) BPRA is intended to incentivise businesses to bring back into use derelict […]