Blog // 19/11/2018

Finding a solution to your firms succession conundrum

Succession is widely regarded as the most significant issue facing law firms at present. Senior partners are often embroiled in problems surrounding cash-flow management, cyber security and PI renewals, but what should perhaps take greater priority is the need to find a solution to this conundrum. Prepared for Brexit but not retirement The majority of […]

Blog // 19/11/2018

Black Friday 2018 what to expect this year?

Santa Claus is coming and maybe just as importantly for retailers, Black Friday is even closer. Black Friday is now often seen as the day that kicks off the festive season spending sprees, but what can we expect to see from this year’s extravaganza. Well, before looking at 2018, it’s worth considering how this phenomenon […]

Blog // 14/11/2018

Autumn Budget 2018 makes big changes to Entrepreneurs’ relief

The change for Entrepreneurs relief was announced amongst the draft clauses for the Financial Bill and was confirmed during the Autumn Budget 2018. Taxpayers may be able to bank Entrepreneur’s Relief. From 6 April 2019, if the shareholder’s entitlement falls below that of the 5% qualifying threshold required for Entrepreneurs’ Relief due to the company […]

Blog // 14/11/2018

Don’t let the new OpRA rules catch you out

With salary-sacrifice schemes ever increasing, HMRC introduced new rules affecting optional remuneration arrangements (OpRA) in April 2017. Although no real reason was given for this, the likely reason for this was to attempt to mitigate the impact of such schemes on the Treasury’s revenue. Complex measures mean employers must pay more attention Due to the […]

Blog // 12/11/2018

How to maximise the potential of financial data

For many businesses, financial reporting is a formality and key decision makers do not tend to challenge the numbers in order to decipher what they really mean. Financial directors of Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) often say that financial reports prepared for board meetings are viewed with little interest. Sometimes, this is because the data […]