Be Yourself

Celebrating individuality at work

As one of Menzies’ most important stakeholders, our people are crucial to the Firm’s overall success. We believe that staff engagement and job satisfaction are of prime importance. After all, business exists and flourishes because of its people. Therefore, it is essential that our teams feel comfortable and content. As a result, we have launched several initiatives with the intention of improving our teams’ daily quality of life at work, many of them emanating from internal feedback.

We recognise the different circumstances surrounding each of our employees, and we wish to make it easier for them to stay productive and work efficiently. Should the situation call for it, we encourage the use of remote working technology to permit ad hoc remote working to suit particular business or personal circumstances.

Our staff are free to express their individuality and to provide feedback through our Employee Forums which aim at ensuring local matters of concern are surfaced, and responded to, swiftly. These Forums give our employees a safe and non-judgemental opportunity to raise any employment related issues. They also provide a vehicle to gain feedback on changes that are being considered, and an opportunity to consult, inform and communicate.

Culture change requires two-way communication and a willingness to do things differently. We are confident that by engaging our people from the onset, we can make change happen and together maintain a positive work environment.

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