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Technology can revolutionise your business by providing you information in real time – enabling you to make key business decisions to support your development into the future.

Menzies’ specialist cloud accounting and business solutions team provide expertise in cloud accounting and integrated business systems; offering a range of tailored services to ensure you have optimised solutions in place. These include software healthchecks, finance function reviews, best practice recommendations and implementing your new cloud accounting systems, as well as training your staff. Our innovative team have years of experience from a wide range of industries and bring that all together to design the ideal package for you.

We have found that having cloud-based solutions in place safeguards businesses against human error, bottlenecks, and lost or inaccurate data – ensuring that you are operating in a way that is scalable. We can also add considerable value to your “outputs”, designing bespoke management reporting packs, dashboards and KPI’s, tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

With a cloud accounting system and connected apps for functions such as sales, inventory, and project management, you will benefit from real time data at your fingertips to support key business decisions. You will see instant results and your team will be empowered by the changes and improvements to their daily routine.

We understand the importance of getting the right apps set up for your business to allow you to get more from the numbers, but we also go beyond this, reviewing processes and team structures to ensure the whole finance function operates as efficiently as possible.

We will always invest time up front to fully understand your pain points, your requirements and ambitions before recommending solutions that we are confident will integrate seamlessly into your business. We will challenge any area we think could operate more efficiently with the ultimate aim of revolutionising your business, bringing you up to date with all the latest software whilst also saving you significant time and costs too.

Our services

The services we typically provide are as follows:

  • Systems & process reviews for financial systems, including the flow of information and reporting
  • Software “healthchecks” covering best practice and the quality of underlying data
  • Software implementations and conversions (from desktop & other cloud-based systems)
  • Tailored training on the apps being implemented by us
  • App advisory – understanding your requirements and suggesting tools that meet your needs
  • Design of bespoke reporting packs & management information dashboards and the production of forecasts, budgets, cashflows and scenario planning

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