Work culture

We believe in treating each other with trust, respect and consideration. We are friendly and straightforward and have a strong sense of accountability.

We trust each other to do our job well and we empower each other to achieve our full potential. We promote team over individual success.

Working at Menzies, what can you expect?

Better Place to Work

The Better Place to Work initiative was launched in 2019 and aims to provide focused communication and support around four key aspects that make Menzies an enjoyable – and sustainable – place to work.  The four headline activities within this initiative are:

Be Yourself

Celebrating individuality at work

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Be Healthy

Fostering physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Be Inclusive

Recognising the value of diversity

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Be Green

Working towards a healthier planet

Better Place to Work is an ongoing initiative and new measures will be periodically introduced with the aim of making continuous improvements.  This is a snapshot of key changes that have already been made.

Be Yourself at Work

In this area, we recognise that people are individuals and feel most comfortable if they can express themselves as such.  For example, we have adopted a ‘Dress for your Day’ policy.  We have enhanced our Agile Working capability through the provision of laptops and are being flexible to allow employees to be at their most productive and engaged.  A crucial aspect of enhancing our employee value proposition in this area is to listen to feedback and we have introduced a new vehicle to enable this – Employee Forums – running alongside our periodic employee engagement surveys. We are also enhancing diversity and inclusion within the Firm by re-evaluating/refreshing all our policies and procedures to ensure that Menzies is a place where all can thrive.

Be Healthy at Work

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We realise that health is a holistic concept encompassing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, so we have been working to improve our support on all fronts.  This has included providing fruit for healthy snacking in each office, offering extended lunchbreaks for exercise or other personal appointments – encouraging people to take a break from their desks – and training mental health first aiders in each office alongside their physical first aider colleagues. We also provide excellent external support via our Employee Assistance Programme.

Be Inclusive at Work

Menzies has always striven to support its local communities and our work in this area expresses our desire to give something back in our various locations.  As well as boosting the number and diversity within our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) committees, so that more people can get involved and make a contribution, we aim to run a ‘Make a Difference Week’ in July each year, offering employees the opportunity to work on a local community project for a day with office colleagues.

Be Green at Work

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We are all aware of the challenges faced by the planet given greenhouse gas emissions and other dangers to our global wellbeing.  The key question is what can we do as individuals to help protect the environment? We have initially identified consistent recycling as an important daily action. So far, we have improved provision of receptacles for waste as well as better signage to encourage responsible disposal of packaging and other waste materials.  More projects are underway to consider ways to reduce our energy consumption, purchase ‘greener’ products, e.g. stationery and to introduce environmentally friendly improvements to our facilities to make them more economical.

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