“As Managing Partner at Menzies, I have had the privilege to see countless businesses and leaders undergo transformative growth, and I never underestimate the resilience it takes to see this through.

At Menzies, we understand the intensely human side of this journey. It is not just about figures and projections; it is about the people behind the business – their dreams, aspirations, and determination to succeed. This is why our role extends far beyond just the numbers and spreadsheets. We are partners in our clients’ growth stories, providing strategic advice, tailored solutions, and unwavering support every step of the way.

I hope that this guide to The Greatest Leap will prompt you to take a pause, look to the long term and help empower you to navigate the next stage of your growth journey with confidence.”

What is The Greatest Leap?

Having helped hundreds of business leaders accelerate their ambition at every stage, we understand that the jump from medium-sized to large involves an overhaul of almost every aspect of how your business operates.

It is more than just a numerical increase in revenue or workforce size. It requires a fundamental shift in mindset, strategy, and operations, for you and all your employees. What once worked when you were an SME will no longer suffice as you grow into a larger, more complex business.

Navigating these complexities while remaining agile and innovative enough to respond to challenges is no small feat – it takes great tenacity, trust, confidence and bravery from you and your employees alike.

In many ways, it is The Greatest Leap you can take as a leader. But not only does your business need to change – you do too. You need to be ever more willing to make tough and sometimes unpopular decisions, take calculated risks, and step out of your comfort zone. Every leader needs to evolve if their business is to evolve, and we frequently find that can be the most difficult leap of all.

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Making The Greatest Leap

To fully understand the challenges being faced in today’s challenging UK economic climate, Menzies commissioned an independent research study with 500 UK CEOs, MDs, COOs and founders, 250 of whom are ‘pre-Leap’ in medium-sized businesses and 250 ‘post-Leap’ in large organisations.

Transitioning from a medium-size to a large business can be challenging. To support business leaders in this journey, Menzies has developed ‘Making the Greatest Leap: How to Accelerate Your Business Ambitions’. This comprehensive guide offers research, expert insights, and strategic advice from Menzies’ team of specialists, empowering leaders to confidently navigate the next stage of their growth.

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