Being a Responsible Business

As a Firm, we believe in challenging our limitations to grow both our business and community leadership.

Our purpose is to delight our clients and to make a difference. Simply said, we want to do more than just business and actively contribute to a resilient and innovative workforce, an inspired client base, an empowered community, and a healthy planet.  

We want to become part of the solution; a solution to pressing societal and environmental issues that affect everyone, be it businesses or individuals. And we understand that organisations need to take a much broader approach to conducting business. Therefore, it is vital that we interact with and react to our stakeholders’ expectations and interests; they continually challenge and motivate us to progress, and we recognise this as a key driver to our success.

Menzies four responsible business pillars

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Be Yourself

Celebrating individuality at work

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Be Healthy

Fostering physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

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Be Inclusive

Recognising the value of diversity

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Be Green

Working towards a healthier planet

Supporting the local community – The Menzies Charitable Foundation

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The Menzies Charitable Foundation works with voluntary services groups in the locality of Menzies offices and staff to identify organisations and/or individuals that may be in need of help.