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For many years, we have provided funding to help our communities by making donations to local worthwhile causes. Our policy has always been to support local causes and to fund projects that result in tangible outcomes and real benefits to the people in our communities.

We have never wanted to simply donate money to large charity funds. Many of our staff and partners already contribute personally to causes that are dear to them, and as a firm we recognise and support their commitment.

Instead, we support those individuals and organisations that do not have the profile or resources to attract regular fundraising and sponsorship. We want to donate money in a way that allows our staff to see their fundraising being used in a way that makes an immediate and real difference to someone’s life.

For example, we have bought diagnostic equipment for local hospitals, a kidney dialysis machine, beds at a local community hospital and specialist equipment to improve the daily lives of people living with disabilities.

The Menzies Charitable Foundation is formally registered as a charity (charity number 1136667)