If you’re a business based in the UK and are contemplating international expansion, Menzies are here to assist you in developing your global strategy. Leveraging the expansive network of HLB International, our specialist international team are equipped to mitigate the risks and cost associated with global trade by understanding the tax complexities of trading in overseas territories, connecting you with trustworthy advisors abroad, and executing a tailored plan aligned with your objectives and timelines.

How our International Network, HLB International, can help you.

When businesses expand internationally, one of the initial steps is to tap into the expertise of the local advisory community. This provides access to specialized in-country guidance, ensuring a confident market entry and the ability to navigate potential challenges.

However, the question arises: what is the most effective way to achieve this? Our approach involves actively engaging with our HLB member firms, which spans 156 countries globally.  Through our membership with HLB International, we benefit from unparalleled connectivity. Over the years, we’ve attended numerous global and regional conferences, fostering connections with firms worldwide and cultivating relationships that endure. This dedication to networking has been pivotal in our capacity to provide comprehensive international support and advice to our clients. It has allowed us to forge deep relationships with our international partners, understand their capabilities and expertise, and effectively coordinate and deliver effective and efficient solutions on the global stage.

International Business Strategy Guidance

  • Save time and money by understanding overseas tax legislation and advising on what it means for your individual circumstances.
  • Reduce the risk of international transactions by using trusted overseas contacts and advising on the relevant multi-jurisdictional tax matters.
  • Plan and execute international transactions with confidence.


  • Preparing an international business plan.
  • UK tax advice and planning for international activities.
  • Co-ordination of tax advice across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Excellent international connections and a fast response, so that we can complete transactions to tight deadlines.
  • Explanation of how UK and foreign tax legislations will affect your business.
  • Strong relationships with reliable overseas partners.
  • Additional services that you might need, such as VAT, private client, outsourcing, payroll and accounts preparation.
  • Tax consideration surrounding supply chains.
  • Global audit and assurance solutions.
  • Advice on repatriation of profits.
  • Advice on the best vehicle for overseas expansion (i.e. holding company).
  • Global mobility solutions.
  • VAT and customs issues.


  • Tax clearances.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • Double taxation relief.
  • Anti-avoidance legislation.
  • Corporate residence.
  • Permanent establishments.
  • Treaty interpretation.

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