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With all the changes that have impacted on the Financial Services sector in the last few years (Changing regulation, Brexit) it is almost a surprise that the sector has continued to grow, and some may say thrive, in the UK. However it should not, as the real asset the UK possesses is the people who work here, it is due to them that London has become so powerful as a financial centre and it is because of the network of firms and knowledge that the sector will continue to call the UK its home for years to come.

Though of course there will be continuing challenges, the ongoing negotiations over the exit from the EU will present an ongoing threat but also a potential opportunity for firms in the UK to do things a little differently. The way the UK is leading the charge in using technology to solve some of the financial systems problems is both a strength and also a threat to small businesses. As new ways of doing things emerge, time efficiencies and streamlined advice to their clients will become more difficult for a traditional firm to compete with. It is important that all firms in the sector get on board with these changes and embrace them to avoid getting left behind.

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Menzies Financial Services Expertise

Menzies works with clients across the sector including mortgage and insurance brokers; investment businesses; platforms offering P2P lending and crowdfunding solutions; fintech business; asset managers and alternative investment schemes. We have the knowledge that is required to help navigate the regulatory requirements including client money and GABRIEL requirements as well as the expertise to help understand the issues businesses face, suggesting innovative and #BrighterThinking solutions that help businesses to grow.

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Mortgage & Insurance Brokers

Whether a broker, intermediary or working with London Markets, there are questions to answer.

Find out more about how we help our Mortgage & Insurance Broker clients.


Find our what you may need to consider if you are caught by the requirements of the Client Assets Sourcebook.

Find out more about how we help our CASS clients.


A competitive and tough sector with many challenges. What are you doing to get ahead?

Find out more about how we help our Peer to Peer Platform clients.


With so many new ideas coming out of the woodwork, find out what we think you should be thinking about.

Find out more about how we help our Fintech clients.


Business Services White Paper

Everyone Wants ‘More for More’

“In a world where routine services are increasingly being outsourced to low-cost providers, or being automated, service sector businesses need to adapt and look for ways to drive value across their organisation. To achieve growth, they must focus on quality while improving efficiency and investing in a people strategy”

The head of our Business Services sector, Martin Atkins, puts it well with the above quote. Please download our whitepaper, for free, to read how we see the change in consumer requirements could affect your business and what you can do about it.

Download our FREE Business Services white paper.

Menzies Business Services Sector Advice

We advise lawyers, barristers, accountants, marketing, advertising and recruitment practices, as well as sector-dependent clients. We work closely to find solutions to industry issues, utilising our expertise in everything from business strategy and corporate finance, to audit and tax advice.

To talk through the above or for more information about Menzies Business Services sector expertise, contact Menzies Head of Business Services Martin Atkins by email matkins@menzies.co.uk or phone on 020 8343 6408.

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Download the Business Services Sector Brochure.

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