The Importance of Business Protection

Protecting your business adequately is something that is often overlooked, and we are not talking here about insuring your company vehicles or machinery.  Business owners will often simply focus on […]

Attack of the Cybermen

One of the main threats facing the Not for Profit Sector is the risk of Cybercrime.  With more and more activity taking place online, the scope for malicious attacks increases.  […]

Freeports guidance – Customs sites

HMRC has recently published recent guidance on how to operate a customs site within a Freeport.  Here follows a summary of this guidance. Using Customs sites Freeport customs sites, or […]

The future of travel: what next?

The past 18 months of ever-changing travel restrictions across the globe has certainly caused major disruption for the travel industry. Now, as restrictions ease, travel seems to be opening up […]


With the Gym Group and DLL focused on finding new sites, it seems there is optimism in the sector’s ability to bounce back following what has been a very challenging […]

R&D Tax relief FAQS

What is R&D tax relief? A corporation tax relief introduced back in 2000 to incentivise innovative UK businesses to invest in R&D and create advances in science and technology. What […]