Blog // 24/05/2017

10 things to know about cash basis accounting

The recent extension of the thresholds for cash basis accounting is likely to result in more small businesses looking to take advantage of this method as a straightforward alternative to the accruals method of calculating taxable profits. From 6 April 2017, unincorporated businesses with a turnover of up to £150,000 will have become eligible to […]

Blog // 22/05/2017

Creating a blame free quality driven business culture

Building a quality driven culture In the fifth of a six piece content series Mike Ayres examines each of the steps that businesses should take if they want to develop and drive a quality driven culture across their organisations. Read the previous instalments on the quest to a quality driven business culture: How to articulate […]

Blog // 19/05/2017

Drones in Last-Mile Logistics: Hype or Help?

Online retail sales are expected to increase to over £230 billion this year, with increases of 22.6% in North America and 11.5% in the UK, according to the Centre for Retail Research, which confidently predicts rises in spending across Europe as well. Online retailers are always happy to move more product, but energetic growth presents […]

Blog // 16/05/2017

Growing your tech business profitably and sustainably

Menzies’ Partners, Amy Askew and Graham Seddon are pleased to be running a workshop looking at how you can grow your business profitablity and sustainably. Taking place in conjunction with London Tech Week, this free workshop takes place at Menzies London Central office based in Tavistock Square on Tuesday 13th June from 17:30-20:00. This workshop […]

Blog // 16/05/2017

How to maximise your R&D funding

Join Menzies’ Anthony Lalsing, in association with Wandsworth Digitech and CPG Executive Consulting Ltd on Wednesday 14th June, as he explains the opportunities around R&D, debunks the common myths and shows you how your business can benefit from R&D tax incentives, even if you aren’t paying any corporation tax. If you are in tech, engineering, […]