Blog Guides // 24/02/2017

Year End Tax Planning Guide 2016/17

As the end of the 2016/17 tax year end approaches, it is important that you take the time to review your financial and tax arrangements, and consider what actions you may need to take before the start of the new tax year on 6 April 2017. Taking action before the end of the tax year […]

Blog // 22/02/2017

Don’t lose 20% of your property sale to the VAT Man

A recent case through the Tax Tribunal has highlighted the danger of forgetting to charge VAT on a property sale. In the case in question, a couple had bought a pub with a sitting tenant. At the time of the purchase, they notified an option to tax to HMRC. Things didn’t go well, and no […]

Blog // 20/02/2017

What should you do if your bank won’t fund your business?

It remains difficult to borrow more money from a high street bank to fund the growth of your business or to help your business through a difficult financial period. The likelihood of your bank saying no remains high and this is still the end for a number of businesses. Is alternative finance the solution? In […]

Blog // 13/02/2017

CASS Client money rules and implications

The CASS client money rules for investment business make up the largest section of the CASS Sourcebook. The following is a brief summary of what is expected under CASS 7, though of course it is recommended that anyone who is affected by these rules read them in full. Back to The CASS Rules and how […]

Blog // 12/02/2017

The CASS Rules and how they may apply to you

What are we talking about? The FCA has set out the CASS rules (Client Asset Sourcebook) to help guide and regulate FCA registered firms who hold or control client money or custody assets. The sourcebook is a comprehensive document that deals with all elements of CASS including who should apply what elements of the rules […]