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As an employer, your employees are an essential, if not the key, asset of your business. Therefore recruiting, retaining and incentivising them is crucial to the long-term success of your organisation. Taxation plays a big part in attracting and retaining people because the more tax efficiently the business can structure this, the more it is able to offer to its people. The added benefit is that if the individual can retain more of their gross pay, they are likelier to be more content and productive.

Our employment tax solutions services team support business through the minefield of employment taxes helping businesses maximise use of genuine tax incentives while remaining fully compliant with their tax obligations. We look at all tax aspects of the relationship between business and worker and work with clients to ensure these arrangements are structured in the most appropriate way for the business.

Our specialists will assist you in connection with all taxation and National Insurance issues in relation to the engagement of personnel by adopting a collaborative approach to help you to reduce the risks inherent in your arrangements thus increasing the value of your business.

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We meet these objectives in many ways with bespoke advice to meet the specific needs of the business because a one size fits all approach will not achieve the optimum position. This advice may include:

Employment status / IR35 – Who is an employee and who is not? What does the business need? Can the right contracts and working practices be adopted to remove risk?

Tax efficient remuneration and benefits – Can we structure the offering from the business to minimise employer and employee tax and national insurance charges to give more for less overall cost?

National Minimum Wage (NMW) – With rates of NMW rising significantly faster than average wages, more employees are finding themselves at or close to NMW rates. This provides several challenges to businesses in terms of maintaining pay differentials and incentivising people to develop. On the other side, the more employees you have at or near NMW, the greater the risk to the business that they inadvertently default. Our specialists help you to avoid the pitfalls.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) – For those workers that are outside the scope of PAYE as either employees or deemed employees, the next consideration for the business is whether the services provided are within scope of CIS. This scheme is wide ranging and the rules complex. Errors can be very costly, but fortunately our specialists help businesses remain compliant and risk free by providing advice, guidance and support from registration through to deregistration.

HMRC reviews – HMRC undertake PAYE, CIS and NMW compliance reviews to ensure businesses remain compliant. The frequency is usually determined by HMRC risk assessment with high-risk businesses receiving closer attention than low-risk businesses. Our experts can support you through this process to minimise settlements arising from these visits.

Health checks – We prefer to focus on the future, rather than trying to detect historic problems, working with the business to ascertain what the business would like to achieve going forwards. This enables businesses to structure arrangements appropriately so that they have the right contracts and policies in place to optimise the tax position while remaining fully tax compliant.

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