Tips on alleviating staffing challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing hospitality and leisure sector operators in the current climate is recruiting and retaining workers at all levels – from baristas and waiting staff, through to chefs and front-of-house managers.

There are well-documented reasons why employers are finding that skilled staff are in short supply. First, there was Brexit, which caused some workers to return to their homes in the EU. Then, the restrictions imposed on employers during the COVID-19 pandemic persuaded some workers to
switch careers in search of greater job security. Now, rising inflation and a cost-of-living crisis are putting further pressure on operators and their employees. Some workers who might have traditionally considered a career in hospitality and leisure are pursuing jobs in other sectors that are perceived as more
reliable and offer a better rate of pay.


Many employers in the sector are finding the current trading conditions challenging, particularly when it comes to filling vacancies and the battle for talent. This report offers practical guidance about how to build a winning employer brand, which is attractive to skilled workers and new entrants looking for a
rewarding career path.