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Residential Property Developer KPIs

Lucy Mangan – Property & Construction sector specialist Mark Collett – Residential Property specialist Changes in the fortunes of the Property and Constructions sector are sometimes seen as an early […]

Breaking up is no easy business

Peter Mills – Senior Manager There are a range of circumstances where two or more shareholders would decide to part ways and a common course of action in that case […]

Tax savings for planet savers

Caroline Milton – Partner and Manufacturing Specialist Whether it’s plastic straws, carrier bags or coffee cups, in recent years there has been a revolution in the way that people engage […]

Mind the cash flow gap

Availability of cash is critical for most businesses. However, those operating on a project-by-project basis could find it quite difficult to avoid falling into insolvency and sustain cash continuity. Putting […]

VAT: How new is your new build? 

Sarah Barron – VAT Specialist As construction works are generally subject to VAT payable at 20 per cent, the zero-rating applicable to new builds can have a significant impact on […]

How to enhance the audit experience

Importance of an Audit A lot of business owners think audits are much of a muchness, however their quality can vary significantly. In some instances, the client relationships formed and […]