Menzies Bright Values

We understand that our business success is determined by the quality of our relationships, both internally and externally.

Menzies Vision

To be recognised as the leading firm of advisers and accountants to individuals and businesses. Inspiring people through Brighter Thinking.

This vision drives who we want to be and we are all responsible for bringing this to life. When we combine the strength of our brand and our clearly defined service offering with the quality of our people, we feel confident we can make this vision a reality.

Menzies Purpose

What then drives our vision is our purpose – our reason for being. The purpose is the catalyst for behavioural change and creates meaning.

We exist to delight our clients and make a difference.

We can take this further still and say our higher purpose is ‘To change the lives of our clients for the better and have a lasting impact.’

Menzies Values

To support the delivery of our goals, it is essential that our core values create and drive the right behaviours. Our Brighter Thinking values are:

Menzies Accountancy Firm Values graphic

IICE with a slice of Brighter Thinking and with Integrity as our bedrock.


Foster Brighter Thinking in your clients and teams. Lead by example, regardless of hierarchy, to challenge others and share knowledge.


Create new solutions, adapt to change and continue to develop yourself and your teams.


Join forces to deliver success. Think ‘One Menzies’ to deliver the best outcome for our clients and the Firm.


Strive to understand others. Appreciate diversity and individual ways of working. Listen to others’ ideas and be constructive in your response.

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