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Transport and Logistics Insights Report

Not all business is good business

Andrew Galliers - Menzies Accountant

Andrew Galliers – Transport & Logistics specialist

Transport and logistics companies must negotiate a complex cocktail of market risks to achieve stability, prosperity and growth.

In an industry where margins are being squeezed, and many SMEs face tough competition from their larger counterparts, harnessing the power of data and technology is essential in facilitating intelligent decision making.

Crucially, firms must realise that not all business is good business – identifying the most profitable opportunities and driving efficiencies within their fleet often holds the key to longevity and success.

“The UK logistics industry is thought to be worth in excess of £55bn per year, and driven by an increase in online retail, demand is rising. This appetite for services, coupled with a shortage of capacity presents a huge opportunity.”

Andrew Galliers

Transport and Logistics sector advice

We advise transport and logistics companies, from air and sea freight forwarders and hauliers, to domestic and international couriers. We work closely to find solutions to industry issues, utilising our expertise in everything from business strategy and corporate finance, to audit and tax advice.

UK and International Transport and Logistics Memberships

Menzies are members of the Road Haulage Association. and the British International Freight Association.

Menzies are members of the British International Fright Association
Menzies are members of the Road Haulage Association