Make a difference week 2021

Every summer, our team across the United Kingdom have an opportunity to take a day away from the office in a specific week (Make A Difference Week) to give back to their local community, doing something other than providing great services to our clients.

The thought behind it is to provide the team an opportunity to give something back to the people in their community or to the planet on which they live. There are no tasks they have to do – we provide them with a brochure that gives them over a hundred suggestions but it is their choice and they can be as creative as they wish in doing it.

It is not enough for a business to work in isolation with its clients. The team expect more than that, as do our clients. Being a business can often be about adding value. That value used to be defined by the excellent service we provided to our client. That has not changed but the value we have to provide as a firm needs to reach further, into our communities and environment. This is just one of the ways we want to do that.

The type of things people are doing include helping out local councils in maintaining and improving public areas, litter picking in their community, taking movement-limited neighbours out for a day, giving a break to other mums and dads by doing the school run and by walking their own and other children to and from school, planting a meadow in back gardens, working with local charities for the day, eating vegan for the day, converting bills from paper to electronic bills, cycling to work… the list goes on.

It only takes one person to Make a Difference.  We want to use the power of our own team to make an impact in the communities where we live and work.

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