Civil Litigation Services

Gavin Cunningham - Forensic Accounting Partner Menzies LLP

Gavin Cunningham – Forensic Accounting Partner

From personal accident damages through to multi-million pound consequential loss claims arising in the most complex derivatives disputes, we can assist at all stages of civil litigation.

We will provide an initial view on the possible scale of damages and consider causation at an early stage, so as to provide a pragmatic view on the costs and benefits of commencing or continuing proceedings. In this way, we normally provide a phased approach consisting typically of:

  • Scoping Initial review
  • Detailed analytical work
  • Draft report and discussion
  • Formalisation of report
  • Exchange of Expert reports and Experts’ meeting.

Throughout this process we will assist in any alternative dispute resolution initiatives that can be followed in order to resolve the dispute, and mitigate lengthy and costly formal court procedures.

Civil Litigation Assistance

Our offering is varied and we can assist in a wide range of civil matters, including:

  • Loss and damages calculations
  • Consequential losses arising from complex financial instruments
  • Royalties audit
  • Insolvency investigations and asset recovery litigation
  • Minority shareholder disputes
  • Post-acquisition due diligence claims
  • Derivatives-related claims
  • VAT appeals (MTIC related)
  • Forensic valuation.

We will work closely with clients and their legal teams and will be available to discuss matters of concern as they arise. We also work frequently with litigation funders.

Civil Litigation Case Examples

Liquidator v Directors

We acted for the respondents on a misfeasance claim to recover £1.3 million. We successfully established that the disputed management fees related to actual services provided, and at Court adverse costs were awarded against the applicant.

D Ltd v HMRC

We acted for the defendant at the tax tribunal in connection with the non repayment of VAT. We assisted in undermining HMRC arguments as to the underlying nature of the transaction, so a deal was reached allowing offset of millions of pounds of VAT withheld against a current bill.

Liquidator of HK company v M, B and M

We acted for the respondents being sued for over $50 million damages, following the termination of derivatives contracts. We established various key financial points which enabled argument at mediation resulting in settlements totalling around $6 million.

F v MP Ltd

This case concerned the unfair allocation of royalties earned from a major global entertainment group. Acting for the applicant, we showed how profits had been mis-stated, following which he won significant further royalties owed over nearly a decade.

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