Gavin Cunningham

Partner, Forensic Services

Gavin Cunningham - Forensic Accounting Partner Menzies LLP


Head of the forensic services team at Menzies, I am a qualified Insolvency Practitioner who has spent nearly thirty years focussed on financial investigation and forensic accounting matters.

Since 2010 I have acted regularly as an expert witness on both civil and criminal litigation, as well as bringing my vast experience to bear on financial investigations. I occasionally act as a technical advisor to BBC Panorama and assist the Parliamentary Committee on Fair Business Banking. I also sit on the Global Forensic Accounting Group for our international network, HLB.

My varied career has included many years working as a Principal Financial Investigator, at the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), where I led financial investigations into some of the largest fraud cases across the globe. These include international and domestic bribery, stock market manipulation, fraudulent trading and Ponzi schemes. Notably, convictions were achieved in all prosecuted cases.

Since my return to the private sector in 2007, I have worked for major accounting firms, on many diverse forensic accounting assignments.