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Overseas business

When your business affairs take on an international dimension, you want to be sure that your advisor not only understands your local priorities, but also sees the big picture and gives advice that integrates all aspects of your operations.

International accounting services

The strength of an international network is important, but it cannot be too rigid. You also need the flexibility and responsiveness that independent advisors can provide.

Part of an international accounting network – HLB

That is where our membership of HLB International can help. Ranked in the top 12 international accounting networks, this fast-growing, dynamic network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers services clients through its member firms in over 100 countries.

As the largest HLB member firm in the UK, we offer a comprehensive range of international services for both companies and individuals. If you are looking to expand your UK business overseas and develop new international markets, we can help you. Whether you already have an international operation or it is your first venture overseas, we can explain the issues and help you develop a plan that meets your timescales.

Menzies dedicated international desks

Menzies Chinese desk
Menzies French desk
Menzies German desk
Menzies Italian desk
Menzies Spanish desk
Menzies US desk


Many international companies and brands are setting up subsidiary operations in the UK. With offices in central London and at the UK’s major international business gateways of Heathrow, Gatwick and Southampton, we are ideally placed to provide the close personal support that you need to establish successful operations in the UK. We can provide a range of services tailored to your needs.

Read the Menzies guide to setting up a business in the UK.

In addition to our corporate international services, we also offer a range of offshore private client services which can help you integrate your domestic and international affairs.

To speak to a partner or for more information about the services we offer please contact one of the Menzies LLP offices or complete our online contact form.

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