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Few people have sufficient time to give their financial affairs the full attention they deserve. And when your wealth is held across a range of assets, such as company shares, property and investments, it becomes even more difficult to manage and protect.

That’s when high-calibre private client advice can be invaluable. We work closely with family members to help them understand the issues affecting their wealth, and provide a holistic service that protects the long-term needs of the wider family.

Private Client Advisory – Proactive Tax Planning

We can help you develop a cohesive management and succession strategy for your privately held wealth enabling you to:

  • Protect your wealth by understanding and taking control of your financial affairs, especially with regard to current and future tax exposure, especially inheritance tax.
  • Benefit from better-informed decision making, because you fully understand the issues that affect you or might affect you in future.
  • Create an informed plan that makes the best use of your wealth for yourself, your retirement and for future generations.
  • Avoid the threat of future tax demands, by knowing that your financial affairs are proactively managed and you’re paying the correct amount of tax.
  • Many people lose wealth from threats they never anticipated, so we will challenge your existing planning assumptions and encourage you to consider contingency plans to avoid possible future liabilities.

Private Client Services

  • Income tax – we will review and explain the issues so that you know you are paying the correct amount of tax and can plan with confidence.
  • Tax returns – we will ensure that your tax returns are correctly completed and submitted to HM Revenue and Customs.
  • Retirement planning – which makes adequate provision for your retirement.
  • Inheritance tax planning that meets the future needs of your wider family.
  • Income protection planning.
  • Accountancy and tax services for trusts & estates.

Private Client Life Cycle

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To speak to a partner or for more information about the private client services we offer to individuals, please contact one of the Menzies LLP offices or complete our contact from below.

    Service head

    Craig Hughes - ATT CTA


    Craig Hughes is a Partner in Menzies Heathrow office specialising in International Private Client Services, tax planning services for private clients, Succession and IHT planning and Probate.