Peter Noyce - FCA


Peter Noyce - Menzies Accountant


I act for owner-managed businesses, providing business and consultancy services, as well as accountancy and tax planning advice. I take a keen interest in their development from start-up and am a trusted adviser to my clients.

Clients’ comments often refer to their appreciation of my personal attention to their business. I have extensive experience of advising professional partnerships, particularly in the legal sector, where again my focus is profit and cash flow improvement, including assisting law firms with profit improvements and succession issues.

I also speak at seminars on practice management and have written many articles in this specialist area.

My book “Brighter Thinking For Law Firms” published in April 2017 has received critical acclaim, such as the “book really does offer some very bright thinking, for both smaller and larger practices” and “reading this book was akin to attending a really good law management conference and getting to chat to some key players” from Tony Roe Solicitors in The Law Gazette.


My favourite hobbies
Supporter (including pre-Roman era!!) of Chelsea FC, also Hampshire and England cricket.

I am personally a major reason for increase in popularity of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc in the UK, regularly tweeting about this from @peternoyce1, oh and about business, economy and legal sector too!