Webinar: Law firm management during COVID-19 & beyond

Peter Noyce - Menzies Accountant

Peter Noyce – Partner and Legal sector specialist
DD: +44 (0)1483 758915

Covid-19 has created a challenge in running a law firm, as it has with law firms’ clients’ businesses alongside many other sectors. The management and Partners of legal firms have had to rapidly embrace agile strategic thinking.

What has developed over the last month or so will provide us all with a lesson in contingency planning and behaviours, not just for running our businesses in the future, but the way our businesses do business together. In some respects law firms are well set to deal with uncertain times and fluctuations in teams activity and capacities and this is also explored along with how to make sure the government assistance is not something that could hinder the business I the future.

My webinar provides guidance and tips around managing law firms during and beyond this crisis.

What are the key topics covered?

Key topics include:

  • Crisis management
  • Actions that should be taken now along with the approach to decision-making and
  • How to develop your exit strategy for coming out of this in the best possible shape.

Watch how law firms can ensure they are best positioned to navigate the current crisis.

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