I want to sell my business


Menzies has specialist experience advising on all aspects of buying, selling, and restructuring businesses. Our team of expert tax advisers work proactively with clients to ensure transactions are structured effectively to achieve their commercial objectives whilst ensuring business value is maximised through effective risk management.

How do I sell my business?

Buying, selling or restructuring a business is a critical point in any business’ lifecycle. Transactions are often high pressure, time sensitive and the tax implications will often be a significant consideration with material implications for the parties.

Selling a business is a demanding process with high financial and emotional stakes.  Almost all commercial transactions have a significant tax implication and tax is often an important component in optimising shareholder value and returns on an exit. The tax environment applicable to selling a business can also be complex and seeking advice early in the process can help maximise a business’ value, minimise shareholder tax costs and limit the possibility of challenge, whether during an impending due diligence process or from HMRC.

Find out how we can help you when buying or selling a business

Our team of specialist tax advisers frequently advise on buying and selling businesses, working proactively with clients in relation to:

  • Structuring corporate transactions – Minimising tax costs and maximising available tax reliefs through effective structuring
  • Tax due diligence and risk management: Maximising business value through effective risk management

For more information on how our restructuring/demerger team can help you contact us through the contact form below.

    How do I value my business?

    Business valuation advisory is an art and not a science. Getting a valuation right requires expertise and experience to arrive at a value that is appropriate, as well as being supported by reasonable argument and sound judgement.

    In any engagement, we build a strong understanding of the business and analyse the complex factors that can affect value, in order to determine robust and defensible valuation opinions. Our specialist Valuations team is able to draw upon expertise from across the firm, as well as many years of experience in performing valuations, in order to provide a high-quality output. We are able to perform valuations and provide assistance in connection with the following, for all types of business.

    To discuss selling or buying a business, contact us via the form below: