Business valuation advisory

Business valuation advisory is an art and not a science. Getting a valuation right requires expertise and experience to arrive at a value that is appropriate, as well as being supported by reasonable argument and sound judgement.

In any engagement, we build a strong understanding of the business and analyse the complex factors that can affect value, in order to determine robust and defensible valuation opinions.

Business valuation advisory services

Our specialist Valuations team is able to draw upon expertise from across the firm, as well as many years of experience in performing valuations, in order to provide a high quality output. We are able to perform valuations and provide assistance in connection with the following, for all types of business:

  • Share and business valuations for commercial or strategic purposes.
  • Providing independent valuations for shareholder disputes.
  • Fiscal share and asset valuations, including for Income Tax (ITEPA), CGT and IHT purposes.
  • Contentious and independent valuations for matrimonial or litigation proceedings
  • Share option valuations, for example under FRS 20/IFRS 2.
  • Financial reporting support for impairment reviews.

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    Service head

    Georgina Davis

    Head of Valuations

    Georgina Davis is the Head of Valuations, specialising in Business Valuations for a number of sectors within Menzies Solent office.