Richard Godmon - FCA CTA



Business tax


I am a Tax Partner within Menzies with responsibility for ensuring the tax team of 120 staff fulfils their potential. I also work in the Solent office, helping to ensure our clients’ tax needs (known and unknown) are met.

I help my clients by spending time getting to know them and understanding their needs. This way our tax team can provide proactive advice and commercial solutions to address the challenges clients face.

There are numerous examples of tax work that have delighted clients, but none of this would be possible if we had not built and grown a tax team that delivered for our clients, and having had responsibility for leading the tax team, this makes me very proud.

Outside of work, I enjoy being amongst nature with the sights, sounds and sensations, either on my bike or walking. Sometimes simply sitting still, talking to family and friends, reading a great book or listening to music is joyful. The simple pleasures of life for me!

If you simply want to discuss your SME or personal financial affairs, please do reach out to me via email.