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Most SME businesses state sales growth as a key business objective. However, despite this many do not proactively engage with their existing clients or have a well-structured sales and marketing plan.

Who, what, where and why? 

Businesses should understand who its ideal customers are for each of its different product and service lines, so it can establish what the best channels to market are. 

The cost to businesses of not engaging with existing customers is huge with potentially lost sales, lost profit and the risk of losing disengaged customers altogether. 

Helping you to better understand your markets 

We help SME businesses to maximise value and profitability from their existing customers using an proven approach. The most effective businesses have complete clarity about their target market; how to position their products and services offering; and ensure their quality standards and pricing are positively aligned. This also enhances the lifetime value of a customer and customer retention. 

  • Consistently communicate the benefits of their product and service offering 
  • Identify the most profitable products, services or jobs and change the focus of the sales and marketing activity as a result 
  • Report on the profitability of each customer and proactively use this data 
  • Increase sales and profitability by improving focus, skills and best practice in business development 
  • Increase sales, profitability and retention of customers by creating best practice in customer account management 
  • Improve quote conversion by establishing best practice in price setting and tendering 
  • Create a sales and marketing strategy, then implement and track results. 

Tools to understand your markets 

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Using a variety of tools and analysis models, our unique strategic advisory approach to helping you and your business to understand your customers and markets to focus on the revenue streams that reduce risk and improve business performance.  

Here’s a snapshot of our advisory approach to drive profits and reduce risk: 

  • Positioning 
  • Product/service lifecycle 
  • Maximising profitability by product, service line, job and customer 
  • Ideal customer profiling 
  • Improving sales to existing customers 
  • Pricing
  • Customer account management 
  • Improving customer retention 
  • Sales and marketing plan 
  • Building a valuable pipeline 
  • Maximising value from sales and marketing resources. 

Our unique advisory approach helps business owners to reduce risk and improve performance in their business. As a result, we have been able to meet their aspirations and even surpass them.

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