Alternative investment funds

Alternative investment funds of ‘AIFs’ that do not meet the requirements for exemption – as discussed further here – are considered to be ‘full-scope’ and therefore subject to more stringent FCA regulation.

One of the requirements imposed by the FCA on a full-scope AIF is to prepare audited financial statements for each fund it manages. 


Audit Compliance 

Menzies can assist in evaluating whether or not an AIFM itself is required to prepare audited accounts for the individual funds that it manages. 

If the criteria for an audit are met, we are well-positioned to provide audit services and will take a proactive approach to assist in meeting statutory reporting obligations in a timely manner. 

Accounts Preparation

Menzies can assist in preparing FRS 102 and FCA-compliant accounts alongside the audit, leading to an efficient process and peace of mind that the financial statements meet the requirements of the reporting standard. 

Corporate finance

Depending on the nature of the AIF, it may be looking to acquire significant stakes in potential target companies. The Menzies corporate finance team has a wealth of experience in providing value-adding advice to both buy-side and sell-side parties in a range of transactions. Examples of the services we can provide are:

  • Assessment of targets and pricing
  • Negotiating with the vendor
  • Due diligence
  • Preparation of financial forecasts and financial modelling
  • Formal business valuations
  • Full business disposal advisory

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