Simon Underwood - FIPA, FABRP



I have been advising financially challenged businesses since 1990. My 34 years of accumulated experience provides a perfect platform to offer financially distressed businesses and individuals viable solutions to their difficulties.

An early, open, and frank discussion about how the difficult financial situation arose is my preferred starting point, followed by an understanding of the aspirational outcome, then reviewing the art of the possible and putting together a plan to put into action.

In my role as an insolvency practitioner for the Menzies Business Recovery team, I have realised and recovered all manner of assets, ranging from ransom strips through to a multi-million pound commercial property in the City of London. Up until March 2023, I was the joint administrator of Shoreham Airport, an award-winning insolvency assignment.

I maintain a close relationship with the insolvency regulators and was President of the Insolvency Practitioners Association (“IPA”) in 2007/8. I have since returned to the Board of the IPA and was chair the Standards, Ethics and Regulatory Liaison Committee until late 2022.

My interests outside of my day-to-day role include the City Livery movement and Freemasonry. Both organisations are based on the principles of supporting others and have a strong social component. On a more active front, I am a keen cyclist, scuba diver and skier, although struggle to find the time to participate as much as I would like.

If you find yourself in need of a chat about financial challenges that appear overwhelming, please do email me on or call me on 07789 655 644. A problem shared is a problem halved.


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