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Simon Underwood - FIPA, FABRP, FNARA


I have been advising financially challenged businesses since 1990. In 1998, I broadened my insolvency experience with a three-year stint in insolvency regulation. I subsequently re-joined private practice in 2002 and in 2011, established a new insolvency practice, which transferred into Menzies LLP in 2015.

My 30 years of accumulated experience provides a perfect platform to offer financially distressed businesses and individuals solutions to their difficulties. I have been appointed liquidator and administrator in relation to numerous companies as well as acting as a receiver of various assets and as trustee in bankruptcy of various individuals.

In my role as an insolvency officeholder, I have realised and recovered all manner of assets, ranging from debtor ledgers, chattels and various intangible assets. I have also realised various property interests over the years, ranging from small ransom strips through to multi-million pound commercial property in the City of London. I am presently the administrator of Shoreham Airport.

My sector specialisations include professional firms, especially solicitors, public sector (asylum accommodation providers), retail, construction and property. I have worked with HM Revenue and Customs, the City of London Police and the UK Border Agency and investigated the conduct of directors and debtors and recovered assets for creditors.

I have maintained a close relationship with the insolvency regulators and was President of the Insolvency Practitioners Association (“IPA”) in 2007/8. I have since returned to the Board of the IPA and chair the Standards, Ethics and Regulatory Liaison Committee.

I am a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and a Registered Fixed Charge Receiver. I am a Fellow of the IPA, the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (ABRP/R3) and The National Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers (NARA).



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My favourite hobby
Scuba diving (only in warm water)!

My favourite meal
Spaghetti bolognese or lasagne.