Oliver Finch - FCA


Oliver Finch


I am a Partner heading up our Outsourcing and Systems Advisory service line for the firm and am part of Menzies’ strategic advisory division.

I work closely with business owners to understand their objectives and help design systems to provide relevant management information and reporting to assist decision making and growth.

Services from my team and I range from basic bookkeeping to full management reporting and forecasting, and performing a quasi Finance Director role.

I also have experience in systems reviews and implementation, and designing reports based on financial and non-financial key performance indicators.

My clients are spread across various industries and I have a specific interest and focus within the Technology sector.


My first job
I endured long, cold and very early mornings  as a paperboy but £12 a week made it all worthwhile.

Who would play me in a movie
I’d love to say someone really cool but when I was younger, I got compared a lot to Chandler Bing, so I guess it would be Matthew Perry.

Alternative career choice