Mark Perrin - FCA


Mark Perrin - Menzies Accountant


I am a partner specialising in business advisory and have a particular interest in the Transport and Logistics sector.

I help businesses to increase profitability, reduce risk and increase their capital value, by working closely with the management team in a strategic advisory role.

I have led the development of our advisory team and flexible approach to helping businesses understand, develop and implement their vision and strategy. I enjoy helping management and wider teams get the best out of themselves (individually and collectively), which is supported by my commitment to inspire and empathise with the people I work with.

I also run motivational life-style planning sessions for clients, to help them maximise the chance they will achieve their personal aspirations.

I was previously a partner in a top 50 firm in 2000 and joined Morley & Scott as a partner in 2003. I joined Menzies as a result of a merger in 2009.


My most embarrassing work experience
Dropping a bottle of Tippex over the plushest boardroom table I have ever seen!

Who would play me in a movie
If you ask my two sons, Wallace out of Wallace and Grommit!

My favourite hobby
I enjoy playing cricket and watching both my sons play. I am very keen on rugby and football too.