Andrew Brookes - CTA

Head of Employment Tax Solutions

Andrew Brookes - Menzies Accountant


I head up the Employer Solutions team. I previously managed the Solent office tax team, responsible for property taxes, Capital Gains tax, HM Revenue & Customs tax investigations and employer solutions work.

I was instrumental in the creation of the Solent tax surgery, a club for smaller accountancy firms, geared to building relationships, with the intention of providing a trusted expert for the smaller firm to go to for technical assistance.

Initially I joined HM Revenue & Customs as a direct entrant Executive Officer in 1985, before joining the accountancy profession in 1988. I have worked for firms of various different sizes, from a sole practitioner, up to a practice that demerged from a top 5 firm.


My first job
I worked on the fruit and veg counter at a small independent supermarket, back in the days when frozen food was the exception. Great early experience in dealing with customers and enjoyable too. At the end of the day we closed with the line – That’s shallot.

A luxury item I’d take to a desert island
My sailing dinghy.