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david truman

David Truman – Private Client Partner

Trusts have historically been used for asset protection and for multi-generational succession planning. Despite recent tax changes, which have eliminated many of the benefits of tax planning, a trust remains a powerful tool in appropriate circumstances as part of your plan for the protection of your family wealth.

Private Investment Trust Overview

We can help at any point when you are contemplating gifting assets to individuals, where there may be a requirement for asset protection. This is particularly the case where the beneficiaries are vulnerable, disabled or minors. We can also help if you:

  • Currently have a trust and are considering whether it continues to serve the purpose it was originally established for.
  • Are a non-resident individual with significant assets, coming to the UK with the intention of being resident for a long period of time.
  • Are contemplating giving away business assets.
  • Are considering purchasing a property for your child, where you are concerned about protecting the asset.
  • Are considering giving a large sum of money to charity.
  • Are the beneficiary of a trust but are unsure of the tax implications.
  • Are involved as the settlor or beneficiary of a non-UK trust, but are unsure of the UK tax implications.
  • Are a grandparent considering paying for school fees for your grandchildren.

Private Investment Trust Services

  • Provision of tax advice on the establishment of trusts, the continued effectiveness of trusts and, if necessary, the winding-up of trusts.
  • Provision of annual accounts and tax returns for trusts.
  • Advising trustees, settlors and beneficiaries of the tax implications of offshore trusts and their underlying assets.
  • Assistance in respect of the inheritance tax declarations and calculation of the tax payable as a consequence of payments into or out of trusts, and on the 10 year anniversaries.

We also have experience of advice and implementation in respect of alternative structures, such as Family Limited Partnerships and Family Investment Companies.

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