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As an employer, your employees are an essential, if not the key, asset of your business. Therefore recruiting, retaining and incentivising them is crucial to the long-term success of your organisation. 

Our employment tax solutions services cover a variety of topics that govern the relationship between a business and its employees. We look at all aspects of this relationship with our clients. 

Our specialists are happy to assist you in connection with all taxation and National Insurance issues in relation to the engagement of personnel by adopting a risk based approach to help you to reduce the risks inherent in your arrangements thus increasing the value of your business.


We review contracts and working practices and help you to structure these so they are effective in meeting all your business objectives in the most tax efficient way.  In particular:

  • Employment vs Self-employment – should PAYE be applied or not?
  • IR35 – does the intermediaries legislation apply and if so, who must do what?
  • Agencies – where are the risks?
  • Umbrella companies – how can you protect yourself?

HM Revenue & Customs PAYE reviews

We specialise in helping businesses minimise the implications of these, holding your hand throughout and ensuring HMRC so not overstep the line.  Fee protection is also available to cover our costs in dealing with these.

Employee expenses:

  • Is there an effective policy in place that controls costs as well as satisfying tax obligations?
  • Are the procedures effective for both HMRC and the business?
  • Is the travel to a temporary or permanent workplace?

Tax efficient rewards and remuneration to minimise the cost to the business while maximising employee satisfaction and retention:

  • Reward structures
  • Share schemes and ownership
  • Staff entertainment and gifts
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Remuneration strategy for the business owners

Global mobility

The additional considerations when your personnel come to or leave the UK for business

Construction Industry Scheme

The rules can be complex and the consequences of errors can be mind-blowing.  We help you to understand the rules and minimise the risk.

Planning is the key to minimising the tax and other costs associated with engaging people to work in your business.  We would like to work with you to help you structure arrangements in the best possible way.

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    Andrew Brookes - CTA

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    Andrew Brookes is a Senior Manager in the Menzies Solent office specialising in employment tax solutions and corporate tax advisory services.