Company Secretarial Services

Stephen Prichard - Menzies Accountant

Stephen Pritchard – Company Secretarial Partner

At Menzies, we provide a wide range of professional Company Secretarial support services to meet administrative demands of the business and legal obligations.

Why choose Menzies?

People set up new companies for one reason: they see a commercial opportunity. That is why we believe that company secretarial work should be handled by a team that understands your business, and is committed to helping your company fulfil its commercial potential.

Our company secretaries work closely with our accounting and consultancy teams, to ensure all your compliance obligations are up-to-date. This allows you to focus on your business, in the knowledge that your company’s administration is in safe hands.

Our Company Secretarial Services

Included in our fixed Company Secretarial package:

  • Maintenance of statutory records in electronic form
  • People with Significant Control (PSC) Register
  • Minutes approving annual accounts
  • Appointment and resignation of officers
  • Filing of annual Confirmation Statement
  • Dividend minutes & vouchers
  • Filing of standard forms at Companies House
  • Helpdesk services regarding basic compliance requirements

“The Menzies company secretarial team did a fantastic job for one of our clients – Hargreaves Holdings Limited restructuring the group of companies demerger by share capital reduction and set out each business of the company in a separate company and thus way more tax efficient than before.”

A Menzies CoSec Client

Additional services outside Company Secretarial Package

As well as the services outlined above, Menzies is also able to support your business with the following additional services.

  • Same day incorporation
  • Share capital reduction
  • Allotment of further shares
  • Striking a company off
  • Approval documentation for loan to director/shareholder
  • Change of name
  • Share buy back
  • Subdivision or consolidation of shares
  • Restoration of a struck off company
  • Change of accounting reference date
  • Transfer of share
  • Issue of bonus shares
  • Re-designation of shares
  • Reviewing and amending articles of association

We can act as a registered office address or Corporate Company Secretary of a company/LLP to better manage the communication with Companies House.

Become more tax efficient

We provide services in relation to company reorganisation/restructuring to help you become tax efficient.

  • Re-designation of shares to enable your company to declare dividend for one class of share and not for other class or with different voting rights.
  • Reorganisation/restructuring of companies by incorporating new entity or striking off unnecessary entity in the structure to save cost and to become more tax efficient.
  • Structuring the share capital of the company with various class such as promotor shareholders and employee shareholders with articles of association matching with various rights attached to those shares.

International Business Advisory

Menzies have a number of dedicated international service desks, designed to support your international business needs.

Contact Menzies Company Secretarial team

To speak to a partner or for more information about the company secretarial services we offer please contact one of the Menzies LLP offices or complete our contact from below.

Service head

Stephen Pritchard - FCA


Stephen Pritchard is a Menzies Partner in Solent, acts for SMEs, solicitors and doctors and specialises in healthcare and business services.