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Gavin Cunningham - Forensic Accounting Partner Menzies LLP

Gavin Cunningham – Forensic Accounting Partner

We provide skilled and specialist assistance in legal disputes and financial investigations, offering expert witness support in both civil and criminal courts.

We have vast in-house experience we draw upon to provide a swift response, often in the most complex and demanding of circumstances. We have worked with law enforcement agencies and lawyers worldwide and extensively throughout the UK.

We are often asked to provide ad-hoc advice at any stage of proceedings, and will apply our common-sense approach, built up from decades of actual experience to assist.

Our team comprises people from a diverse range of accounting and professional backgrounds, with a wealth of experience. It is this practical knowledge of business life, combined with acute intellectual ability, that enables our team to tackle the most complex of problems.

When you engage us we will always actively involve the senior members of our team on assignments. We firmly believe that the issues that need to be tackled require the experience and insight that comes from a successful track record. At the same time, we will tailor our response to your precise needs and ensure we provide excellent value and the best mix of skills available.

Forensic accounting service experience

Our in house Experts regularly appear in court and have dealt with many 100s of court cases during their careers, and are well-versed in the complex legal procedures leading up to trial. We are highly respected by both barristers and solicitors due to our ability to simplify and explain financial evidence, and also our notable track record of success.

The key members of our team have significant expertise in leading financial investigations and have worked globally with many agencies including the FBI, SFO, OLAF (EC), FCA, FRC and multiple foreign police forces. Our highly skilled staff conduct discreet investigations, using the latest forensic methods.

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Gavin Cunningham - Forensic Accounting Partner Menzies LLP

Gavin Cunningham

Partner, Forensic Services

Matthew Haddow, Menzies Partner, Forensic Services accountant

Matthew Haddow – CA

Partner, Forensic Services

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To speak to a partner or for more information about the services we offer please contact one of the Menzies LLP offices or complete the contact form below.

Service head

Gavin Cunningham

Partner, Forensic Services

Gavin Cunningham heads up Menzies Forensic Accounting advisory team providing financial investigation services. He is also a Partner in the London office.