Blog // 11/02/2019

Pro’s and cons of selling through online marketplaces

“The sooner we drop the ‘e’ out of ‘e-commerce’ and just call it commerce, the better.” – Bob Willett, former President of Best Buy International and CIO of Best Buy. Having the ability to sell online is a must in today’s society and many retail businesses have their own website to sell through. However, finding […]

Blog // 08/02/2019

Has the high street really saturated its life cycle?

In store shopping: the traditionalist way to identify the products you need, and more importantly didn’t realise you needed. But are us millennials turning this age-old experience on its head? In recent years the idea of online shopping, and its consumer offering, has grown exponentially. Online shopping is quite simply a sale that is done […]

Blog // 07/02/2019

Making importing easier – are you ready?

Important update for Transport and Logistics // Manufacturing Businesses HMRC has issued a further letter to all VAT registered businesses trading goods with the EU. As well as reiterating the steps to be taken in the event of the UK leaving the EU with no deal, the letter outlines new Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) for […]

Blog // 04/02/2019

How will ‘Golden Visa’ reforms impact the UK economy

Tier 1 visas, commonly known as Golden Visas, have become a big topic for the wrong reasons. It was declared that the scheme would no longer go ahead from 6 December, due to the introduction of the new scheme to be opened in 2019. However, this decision was reversed almost immediately. So, where does this […]

Blog // 30/01/2019

Retail transformers must produce proper forecasts

Retail over the past year The retail sector has clearly had a tough year. From the high volume of CVAs, to reports of consumer confidence weakening in the run up to Brexit, it is clear that retailers are struggling under the current trading conditions. Retailers should focus on surviving 2019 by using cash visibility and […]

Blog // 23/01/2019

Protection over interest for insolvent companies

The Government aims to increase the protection of taxpayers’ interests during insolvency proceedings. They are also looking to introduce legislation that will crackdown on tax avoidance where there is a risk that the company may deliberately enter insolvency. 1. Increased Protection A briefing paper issued by HM Treasury, shortly after remarks made during the Chancellor’s […]