Selling your business – are you thinking far enough ahead? Whitepaper

Choosing the right time to sell a business can be a tricky decision. Knowing when and how to start planning for this eventuality is an important consideration and can make all the difference in executing a successful exit, but how early should you start planning?

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Once a decision has been taken to market a business for sale, the entire process, including identifying the optimal strategy, preparing a pack of business information, negotiating a deal, completing due diligence, and drawing up the necessary contractual agreements, typically takes nine to twelve months. However, we recommend adding a period of two to three years prior to this to allow time to get your business in the best shape possible. So where should you start?

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Whether looking to sell your business imminently or in the future, there are many questions that you should be considering now to ensure you can maximise value on exit when the time comes.

To assist you in this evaluation, our Selling your business whitepaper includes our Business Optimisation Checklist – a list that covers all the key questions that you need to consider focusing on areas such as your goals, customers, markets, people, governance, tax and supply chains. To view this checklist and begin assessing your business, please complete the form above.

In addition to optimising your business, our whitepaper provides you with a step-by-step guide on the selling process and what you can expect along the way.

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John Foundling, Corporate Finance Partner

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