Our approach

As specialists in estate administration and succession planning, our approach is built on a thorough understanding of the intricate and sensitive nature of these affairs.

We are well placed to offer support through this time as we build strong relationships with our clients throughout their lives and have a clear understanding of their finances and goals as the wealth passes on to the next generation.

We appreciate the significance of safeguarding family wealth and facilitating a seamless transfer of assets to future generations. Our services assist you through every step of the estate administration process, from navigating inheritance tax considerations to guiding you through the probate process.

We collaborate closely with executors, trustees, and beneficiaries to assist with all areas of the administration process. Taking a proactive stance, we identify potential hurdles and opportunities early on, allowing us to implement strategic solutions to minimise tax obligations and enhance the overall value of the estate.

Our aim is to offer reassurance and support to clients during what can be a difficult period, ensuring their legacy continues for generations to come.

Our Estate Planning services

Our experienced team can assist with all areas of Estate planning including the following aspects:

  • Support with administration of Estate, including set up and registration.
  • Handling probate application and distribution of assets
  • Work as professional executors or trustees
  • Wider tax planning for family, consider IHT and CGT issues, plan for next generation.
  • Tax reporting to date of death
  • All areas of tax compliance – completing annual Self-Assessment returns, trust / estate registrations, forms R185, tax reporting for beneficiaries
  • Estate accounts.

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