How to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Success

Black Friday takes place the day after the US holiday Thanksgiving, during the final weekend of November, marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. This year, it falls on November 24th. Originally celebrated in the US, its popularity has spread globally. Cyber Monday takes place on the following Monday and was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online, which in recent years has outperformed the traditional Black Friday sales.

As retailers, how can you prepare for the busiest shopping weekend of the year to maximise your returns?

Plan Early

With just over a month to go, you should already be planning. A well-planned strategy enables you to execute your promotions seamlessly. Consider which products you want to promote, the discounts you’ll offer, and the overall promotional strategy.

Be Tech Ready

Don’t miss out on sales due to tech failures. Ensure your website is scalable and fully optimised to handle the increased traffic, mobile-friendly, test load times and streamline your checkout process.  Cybersecurity is crucial with the rise in online business, the risk of cyber threats heightens, ensure that your security software is up to date and perform vulnerability assessments.

Leverage marketing channels

Take advantage of various marketing channels to reach your target audience. Use email marketing to inform customers about your deals, engage on social media to build anticipation, collaborate with influencers, and consider paid advertising to increase visibility.

Exceptional Support

Expect an increase in inquiries from customers. Ensure that you have a well-prepared customer service team ready to provide prompt and helpful responses. Outstanding customer service can set your brand apart and encourage post-sale repeat business.


Once the dust settles, evaluate the performance of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Celebrate your successes, and be critical of your challenges to fine-tune your strategy for an even better 2024.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer immense potential for retailers to increase sales and expand their customer base. However, successful participation requires thorough planning, meticulous execution, and a commitment to delivering the best possible shopping experience. By following these steps, retailers can position themselves for success during these high-stakes sales events and create lasting connections with customers.

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