Building a quality driven culture

In the second of a six piece content series Mike Ayres examines each of the steps that businesses should take if they want to develop and drive a quality driven culture across their organisations.

Read part one on how to articulate a quality driven culture.

What does permeating a quality driven business culture mean?

To permeate is to spread throughout something and be present in every part of it. The cultural ethos that has been developed and articulated to the team now needs to be worked into the business model so it becomes part and parcel of the way the company operates every day.

Vision and values

It should now be clear how important it is that the vision of the management is effectively articulated to the employees. Although you as the management may believe and understand the vision you have for the business, without the buy-in of your team it will be impossible to get it to permeate into every facet of the business.

When this vision and the associated values become implicit in everything the staff do, then the way the business does things will begin to change.

What does permeating a quality driven business culture to all parts of the business mean?

Marketing will be creating, messages, materials and content that portrays the same messages you are promoting internally. IT will be purchasing hardware and software that suit the market and customers your business is aiming to serve. The customer services team will engage with your clients in a positive and helpful manner that matches your vision and values. Each facet of the business should consistently tell the same story about the business and what it stands for.

Why bother?

A company that has a joined up and consistent approach in all areas of its business has credibility that can be turned into competitive advantage. From the outside it should be clear what it stands for and that all levels of staff are on board with the same vision and values.

A potential customer will see this and be confident that this is a company they can trust to provide them with a reliable service and who they can develop a long term relationship with.

As well as having specialists in the business services sector, Menzies also has a consultancy team who can discuss your vision and values and provide further details and recommendations on how you can implement a quality driven culture.

To discuss the value of permeating a quality driven business culture to your business and to see how we can help you contact Mike Ayres by email at or by phone on 01252 894911.

More for More – Six Steps to Instilling a Quality Driven Culture

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