Karen Gibb - MCIPD

Senior HR Consultant


People solutions


I provide practical advice and support to our clients on their people issues, across the whole range of HR work from recruitment, employment contracts, problem solving, through to change management and performance development.

I can be their outsourced HR service, bringing expertise and best practice to fit their business and balance the legalities with commerciality. I know how difficult it can be to tackle people issues and aim to provide simple steps and practical support.

We really enjoy working with clients on a longer term basis, supporting their growth from a handful of employees and putting in place the processes, systems and culture that grows into a sizable organisation. We’ve even got to the stage where they needed in-house HR support and we’ve helped recruit the right person.

I love travelling and especially escaping for some winter sunshine, golfing too if the opportunity arises!

If you’d like to talk about managing your people, including systems, paperwork or having a difficult conversation, please do reach out to me via email.