Daisy Randall - FCCA AAT

Senior Manager, Systems Advisory

Daisy Stancheva




As a Senior Manager in the Systems Advisory team I work with clients to understand their individual software and reporting needs and implement lasting changes that help drive efficiency, save costs, provide visibility of underlying key performance indicators and allow business owners more time to focus on growing their business.

My clients vary between industries so I have a large pool of experience across most sectors and am able to advise quickly on best practice but I very much appreciate each business is unique in their own way so I also continuously research new options that become available as technology advances.

I also work closely with the Outsourcing, VAT and Payroll teams to manage the onboarding of new clients taking an outsourced service and often continue to oversee the assigned team as well as support the business owners to achieve their long term strategic objectives in a type of FD capacity.


Alternative Career Choice
One day perhaps, when my vision deteriorates from staring at computer screens and spreadsheets I would love to open up a pets day care. We have three cats and caring for friends on holiday’s animals has revealed a hidden passion!

Magical Powers of Choice
I would say… ability to teleport. Would you not love to travel the world without the jetlag, step on Mars without the 300 days travel journey or even just make it to the office without the traffic … ?!