Bethanie Hawkins - AAT

Digital Transformation Consultant




I am a Digital Transformation Consultant within Menzies’ Outsourcing team. I have collaborated with businesses and accounting practices in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry for eight years and have consulted to Menzies at my last two places of work.

Combining my experience with the needs of the client, I review the businesses workflows to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for automation using cloud-based software. My services can include full process mapping and analysis, software and process improvement recommendations, software implementation, and training. By implementing new processes and systems, our clients have benefitted from time and cost savings as well as gains in efficiency, productivity, and visibility of important business information.

I work with businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry or where they are on their Digital Transformation journey. To find out more, please see our Digital Transformation page


Alternative career choice:

I would love to run a board game / cat café with fancy barista coffee!


I wish I could say something hip like Pilates but I find that sitting on the sofa cross stitching is far more enjoyable.